The Agency kunstundhelden acts as a mediator between selected visual artists and companies seeking to be involved in the cultural sphere. Through effective networking, collaborative projects are born, which serve both sides of the transaction. For the artists working with us, we manage public relations as well as marketing their work. We develop and execute individual concepts, perfectly tailored to every artist’s needs. Our online gallery serves as an ideal platform to present the artwork, and gives our international client base a chance to see and buy pieces. Companies advises our agency as to how to make smart and effective art investments and how to take hold of artistic responsibility. In addition, we organize exhibitions and studio visits and help to furnish companies who are seeking to install works of art on their premises. Our goal is always to find the most suitable pieces produced by established artists for our clients’ needs. Additionally, we also supervise the set-up and the maintenance of art collections. Private collectors are able to purchase the works of the artists featured in the kunstundhelden portfolio and obtain support in their search of suitable pieces for their collection. “Art is not a goal but a means to speak to mankind” Modest P. Mussorgsky The agency was founded by art historians Corina Dreßler (*1983) and Anne-Christine Zdunek (*1981). Corina Dreßler(*1983) is managing partner. She studied Art History, Christian Archeology and Philosophy in Marburg, Freiburg and Athens. In Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, she currently manages a non-profit gallery, regularly planning and organizing exhibitions and events. Prior to this, she worked at the private collection me collectors Room Berlin and also for the art and PR agency Art for Industry. Here, her main focus was on project development, organizing exhibitions and finding sponsorship.           Anne-Christine Zdunek (*1981) is managing partner of kunstundhelden. She studied Art History, German Linguistics and Italian Philology in Berlin and Milan. As a cultural journalist,she has also worked at KUNST magazine and in TV for 3sat Kulturzeit and the SWR. She worked as a PR consultant for a Berlin PR agency and the Goldrausch female artist project art IT. She was also in charge of PR for the exhibition Fast and Furious at Halle am Wasser in Berlin.